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Intensive Italian Course Presentation


Boost Your Italian

Potenzia il tuo Italiano: The Presentation

Do you want to speak Italian in 2 months? Would you like to feel confident with your level? Join us to find out more about our “Boost your Italian” intensive and semi intensive Italian courses, to help you improve your Italian in the fastest way !

(( We believe you can go up 2 levels in 3 months or even less..! ))

Se sai già qualcosa di italiano e vuoi migliorare ancora, sei benvenuto!

Se sai benissimo l’italiano, puoi condividere con chi vuole imparare e migliorare di più, abbiamo omaggi per chi fa passaparola!

—> Registration for Presentation 15 minutes before event

At the end of the presentation, join us for a complimentary glass of Prosecco!

Register your interest and presence at our Italian Course Presentation evening on the 27th September 2018 @ 19.00
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